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Architect Magnus Ström, founder of Ström Architects, approached Branch to create an identity and develop the branding for his Superhouse venture. Superhouse is an ethos, a vision for what is possible in beautiful, contemporary, bespoke, luxury private house design.



Magnus Ström, founder of Superhouse

Inspiration for the Superhouse concept first came when Ström worked next to a world-renowned naval architect. This was when Superyachts were first brought to his attention, and it raised the questions: “Why couldn’t houses also reach the same heights of design quality and workmanship?” and “Why do Superyachts exist, but ‘Superhouses’ don’t?”

 Superhouse Magnus Strom Profile


Logotype and symbol

Two of the main identifiers of the Superhouse identity, the logotype and symbol, are designed (like the rest of the identity) to portray a clean and modern aesthetic and be recognisable without being dominant – allowing the quality of the product to show. As such the logotype is crafted from Azo Sans Thin and then widely tracked, creating a light and confident tone. Then the symbol, rather than be a solid form, is built from two parallel hairline paths which in turn depict the architect and the client working in perfect harmony. This symbol will be debossed, as a signature, into every build.


The Superhouse story

To articulate Superhouse’s proposition of ‘luxury through simplicity’ and to aid the connection with its audience, we crafted a story that explains why Superhouse exists. Why it matters and above all, what the benefits of commissioning a Superhouse are.





Azo Sans was selected for its light approach and geometric, yet friendly forms. It features a large family of fonts, but in most instances only the thin and light weights will be used. The lightness of the open counters and hairline strokes made it a perfect pairing with the detailed architectural imagery of Superhouse. Allowing type and imagery to complement each other and form the base of a strong visual identity.

Superhouse Typography 1

Superhouse Typography 2


Identity guidelines

To ensure consistent application of the Superhouse identity we produced a detailed guidelines document. This provides background to the brand, the core statements and story, guidance on tone of voice and information on the visual identity – such as imagery, typography, colour and the various graphic elements.





Imagery is a crucial part in the expression of any visual identity, and in this instance, with Superhouse being at the concept stage, the quality of the introductory renders had to be excellent. Therefore leading architectural visualisation studio, The Boundary, were commissioned to produce a series of images to portray Magnus Ström’s vision.








Throughout Superhouse’s collateral set the application of the identity’s deliberately minimalistic graphic elements is as subtle as possible – just enough presence to create ownership. This means that the main focus is firmly on the context and not the visual language.

Superhouse Business card 1



Superhouse Brochure_Cover


Superhouse Floor Plan 1





Digital brochure

To promote Superhouse and circulate its story we created a digital brochure, designed to be an introduction to the brand, generate interest and to raise enquiries.





Website and social media

Superhouse’s online presence is a single page website that guides users through the About and Approach sections before displaying a gallery, that features an interactive 360º render. Finally there is a Contributors section and Contact. The design of the site is intuitive, minimal and clean, perfectly reflecting the Superhouse brand.








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