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We have long sought for greater understanding of the world around us. The Movi app is a response to this and provides a unique interactive mobile video experience­, giving people the ability to control, explore, create and share literally millions of moments daily, changing the perceptions of video from passive to immersive.

We were approached early in 2016 by Movi, an innovative tech start-up based in Oslo and Silicon Valley, who were developing a revolutionary video tool utilizing Touch Technology, with an ambition to change the way we experience video forever.

Movi Logo Lock-up 04

Movi Logo Lock-up 03

Movi Strapline



We took a team covering strategy, creative and content to Oslo to host a series of workshops with Movi. Our collaborative working process put the client at ease and enabled a much deeper understanding of the technology, the people and their collective ambitions which helped form the foundations of the Movi identity.

Movi Worshop 03

Movi Worshop 04

Movi Worshop 02


Movi Story

A key theme that emerged from the workshops was possibility. Once liberated from the passive and linear models that have become the default modes of experience for mobile video content, you are free to play with what seemed impossible; to pause, look around and zoom, and to stop letting others control how you see what’s around you, all with the simplest of hand gestures.

Movi Story 01

Movi Story 02

Movi Story 03

Movi Story 04



The foundation of the concepts were based on the insights gained from our strategic analysis. Once the core thought was established, the creative as a whole was continually reviewed to ensure each element of the identity was coherent, relevant, and adhered to any constraints or considerations discovered.

Movi Process 01

Movi Process 07



Video is a collection of moments. Movi allows you to easily capture and relive each single moment again and again.

Clean and minimal, the Movi symbol is a visual representation of being ‘caught in a moment’, the core thought behind the whole identity. Based on the play icon that is recognized by anyone who uses video, the ‘M’ symbol was created by us ‘playing’ with the play button, rotating it by 90 degrees, thus representing a moment. Repeating the play icon created the distinctive M shape and gave a graphic solution to capturing the moment.

Movi Logo Lock-up 01

Movi Symbol 01

Movi Logotype


Movi Logo Alt Lock-up 01

Typography and colour

Maison Neue was chosen as the primary typeface of the Movi Identity, complemented by Roboto to provide support for different languages. Maison Neue was constructed on geometric principles, paying particular attention to harmony, rhythm and flow. The typeface is designed for up-to-date display and reproduction technologies to create a distinct and contemporary grotesque with a classic touch.

Colour is one of the most fundamental and powerful tools in creating or expressing a mood or feeling. Therefore, we selected a restrained mono palette accompanied by a bright and futuristic neon teal. These colours are supported by blue and purple hues which are perfect to add hierarchy, denote sections and create impactful gradients.


Movi Typography


Movi Colour 01

Identity guide

To ensure consistent application of the Movi identity we produced a comprehensive guideline document that provides information on the background, story, guidance on tone of voice and information on the visual identity – such as logos, typography, colour and the visual language.

The guidelines however are not rigid; they are designed to be flexible and can adapt as the company evolves over time.


Movi Identity Guide



Movi is captivating: it allows the user to see the world differently through a malleable lens that enables high levels of interaction and control. The values and ethos of Movi are always considered in the images they use and communicate their diversity, energy and personality. To reflect this, there is a range of imagery that can be applied to Movi communications, sorted into three categories: Graphic, Perspective and Moment. Graphic images are distorted, stretched and compressed to create a striking and unique photographic language that adds motion and interaction.

Perspective imagery takes its cue from ‘seeing things differently’, brought about by having total control of the content in front of you and noticing things you would otherwise miss. At first sight, the subject appears to be as the viewer would expect. But, on closer inspection, the realisation is that there is more than meets the eye.

Moment is that perfect opportunity for you to capture, in amongst thousands of frames, the moments that you would otherwise miss.


slider image
slider image
slider image
slider image
slider image

Movi Photography Perspective 03

Movi Photography Moment 01



Activating the repeated play button within the symbol brings a heightened graphic energy to the Movi identity. Each shape represents a frame, reflecting the greater control and more immersive experience of video. Repeating the geometric shape, in a sequenced path, creates a fun and dynamic interpretation of movement, motion and flow, adding color, variety and nuance to Movi’s communications.


slider image
slider image
slider image
slider image
slider image
slider image

Movi Pattern 02

Movi Pattern 04


A playful symbol

To echo the nature of the Movi brand and to reflect the diverse content that will be created and experienced through the video player, we ensured that the symbol is playful. It has the ability to change guises, to adapt its personality and to react to any subject matter or environment in collaboration with the content generated by Movi users.



Play button

The play button is generated from the symbol. It creates a unique and recognisable button that will become synonymous with the Movi technology, allowing for another layer of recognition and enabling a subtle presence on third party players.

Movi Play button

Movi Play button iPad


Movi App

We supplied the initial visuals to kick start the look and feel of the Movi App. The Movi identity was applied to the App by Movi’s in-house developers. This included use of the logos, colour and icons. The App is still in its beta stages but the aforementioned flexible guidelines will allow consistent use of the identity up until its completion and release.




Movi App Store.jpg



To accompany the soft launch of Movi, we supplied visuals and guidelines on the look and feel of the Movi website. This was then applied to the website by Movi’s in-house team.

Movi Website


Social media

The flexibility of the Movi symbol works well on various social media platforms. It has been designed to work across large banners or to be used as an avatar where space is at premium.

The symbol is simple yet bold, confident and instantly recognisable.



As part of the service Branch provides, we supplied visuals for advertising applications, such as large format and online banner displays, to provide inspiration for future advertising campaigns.

Movi Ad 02



We created a set of business cards for Movi that allowed each individual to express their interests by utilising personalised graphic imagery and dynamic compositions. The visual language was also applied to various collateral items; the examples below show how the elements work together to create a constant aesthetic.

The strategic thought behind the identity allowed for this versatility, meaning consistent use across various media.

Movi Business Cards 01

Movi Print 02

Movi Tshirt

Movi Tote 01


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