Forever Hope Foundation

Strategy – Identity – Digital – Print

The Forever Hope Foundation, who dedicate their time to raising as much money as possible by creating enjoyable, exciting and enticing ways for people to donate to charity, approached Branch with one vision: to give hope to those who need it most. We worked closely with the founders to define a launch/ongoing strategy and create an identity that will grow with the foundation.




Hope is yours to give

As with any identity, two of the key assets are the logos and strapline. For their logo, we paired a logotype together with a distinctive and descriptive symbol. The symbol is a subtle play on the word ‘forever’ by combining an H with an infinity symbol, which is then placed within a circle, to further its foreverness. For the strapline ‘hope is yours to give’, we wanted to put the focus firmly on the audience and in turn position the Forever Hope Foundation as the facilitators of donations.






Working in partnership

The Forever Hope Foundation work in partnership with different charities and organisations, running high-end gala style events to benefit their specific causes. Within the promotion of each partnership, the Forever Hope Foundation’s branding will take second stage to that of the partner charity.




Visual language

Each and every element of the visual language has been carefully created or chosen to reflect the brand’s position and goal. The typography is open and welcoming with the choice of Circular, crucial for an organisation in this sector. Circular is then paired with Baskerville, which adds a level of sophistication, specifically within event based communications. The colour palette is minimal and deliberately paired back so as not to clash with a partner charity’s branding. Finally, we’ve created a series of bespoke patterns to add opulent details and elevate the communications to the level of the events.



Brand guide

Consistent application of an identity’s various assets is key to its recognition and future success. Therefore we developed a series of comprehensive guides to ensure that the Forever Hope Foundation’s identity is always used in the correct way.



The values and ethos of the Forever Hope Foundation are reflected in the images they use and should communicate the diversity, energy and personality of what they do. These images should show natural, real-life situations, convey emotion, feel spontaneous rather than staged and engage the audience.



Forever Hope Foundation’s stationery set is simple and elegant, using large amounts of white space, subtle stocks and specifically selected finishes to carry the foundation’s message throughout their extended collateral set.





Online presence

A fully responsive, content managed, website was created for the Forever Hope Foundation’s potential donors, and partner charities alike, to find out more about their work, make a donation or book up an event. Extra facilities, such as the ability to enquire about purchasing one off items of memorabilia, has also been included. This site was produced in collaboration with Make it Clear, one of our digital partners, and can be viewed here.


Practical application

The identity will need to be applied to everything from over-sized donation cheques, to backdrops, to microphones and t-shirts. All of which help the Forever Hope Foundation’s visibility as they raise funds, attend events and operate on a daily basis.







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